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Our Sister Our Brother is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization that was created to assist in the safe reunification of children currently in foster care, and their caregivers who have been separated by traumatic child removals. We also work to keep families together and prevent removals.

Guiding Principles


We believe in treating our neighbor with love, especially in times of need


Parents have the primary responsibility to make decisions for their family and keep children safe


Respect, integrity and fairness are essential in doing what is right for families


Working together to support families will benefit our entire community

Heightened focus

Only *5% of Arizona's children are Black, but represent about **17% of the state's foster care population. We have an intentional focus on supporting the Black community in Arizona. On the long journey for change, we are committed to serving the Black community to help them realize Justice now. We are also partnering with other community organizations to help preserve families and avoid unnecessary child removals especially in the overrepresented Black community.

*Child Population by Race in Arizona (2020), Kids Count Data Center - Annie E. Casey Foundation

**AZDCS Semi-Annual Child Welfare Report Mar 2021 (Dec 2020 - June 2020), Number and Percentage of Children in Out-of-Home Care by Ethnicity (20B)

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Are you a parent or caregiver who has had a child removed and/or want help navigating issues of child safety? Do you have questions about what to do next?

Fill out our referral form and a team member will contact you to learn how we can help.


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By working with local community organizations and individuals we're able to share resources, increase our capacity and ultimately help more families achieve positive outcomes.

If you or your agency is able to help further our mission to protect and preserve families send us an email today at info@oursb.org

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We can’t change what we tolerate. – Dr. Myles Monroe

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