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Lived Experience Fellowship

This group is comprised of individuals with lived experience of the child protection or family service systems in Arizona. These fellows attend meetings and learn about systems and strategies related to the focus of Thriving Families Safer Children (TFSC) both locally and nationally meetings. Learning opportunities will include activities such as meeting with local state agency leaders, community leaders, and groups focused on family wellbeing, as well as meeting with leaders in other states to learn about strategies relevant to TFSC goals. This engagement aims to expand the capacities of these leaders to educate and create positive change in Arizona for Black familes. 

Meet our Lived Experience Experts

Camille Sledge is a mother of 3 and co-developer of the 501c3 School of Hip-hop PHX (SOHH). SOHH is a mentoring and music program which uses hip-hop influence to reach underrepresented intercity youth.


She is also the lead vocalist for The Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, a vocally assertive community advocate outreach and protest music project, and sings lead vocals for Sister Sledge with her mom and aunts (We Are Family mantra for the world).

Camille states, "Our Sister Our Brother has shown me that my lived experience with the DCS and CPS system should not be a commonality. I know that as a community activist, I can have a voice in this matter. I am hoping we can make a change in our community."

Camille Sledge
Lived Experience Expert

Addison Anderson is a 23-year-old student at Arizona State University, studying forensic psychology and criminology. Though she was born in East Africa, Ethiopia, she was adopted at the age of nine and moved to America. Sadly, things didn't go smoothly and she entered the foster care system at 12, aging out when she turned 18. Despite the challenges she's faced, she is a proud mom to a wonderful 3-year-old boy.

Growing up in foster care gave her a unique perspective on the importance of guidance and support for young people. She has seen firsthand how the absence of those things can harm individuals, which is why she is passionate about advocating for children who are removed from their parents. Her goal is to make a difference in their lives and ensure they receive the care and attention they deserve.

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Addison Anderson
Lived Experience Expert
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