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support groups

Our Sister Our Brother believes support groups are a valuable resource for parents, particularly those who have children in the child welfare system. Attending a support group provides parents with a supportive and understanding community where they can share their experiences and emotions, connect with other parents who have similar experiences, and gain new perspectives and insights.

Support groups provide parents with tools and strategies for coping with the challenges and stress associated with navigating the child welfare system and caring for a child who has experienced trauma. Through group activities and discussions, parents can learn from each other, build relationships, and form a sense of community. They play a crucial role in helping parents in the child welfare system feel supported and empowered.

OSB provides support groups with the goals of:

  1. Providing a safe and non-judgmental space for parents to share their experiences and emotions.

  2. Offering support and understanding to parents who are navigating the child welfare system and caring for a child who has experienced trauma.

  3. Helping parents to develop healthy coping mechanisms for managing stress and challenging emotions.

  4. Empowering parents with information and resources to better understand their rights and navigate the child welfare system.

  5. Building a sense of community among parents, reducing feelings of isolation and promoting positive relationships.

  6. Providing opportunities for parents to learn from each other and share their experiences, insights, and resources.

  7. Encouraging parents to develop and maintain healthy relationships with their children and support their well-being and development.

  8. Offering opportunities for parents to participate in educational and recreational activities that promote self-care and stress-management.

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