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about us

Our Sister Our Brother is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization that was created to assist in the safe reunification of children currently in foster care by providing education and support to the community.


We partner with families and community members who can successfully engage and build trust with families. Together we create plans to overcome barriers, connect families to what they need; creating a safe and healthy home. We are committed to seeing a global return to a culture where we treat one another like our sister and our brother. While we work on systems change through the lens of Lived Experience Experts across the country, state and locally we must continue to lend a hand serving one family at a time.

guiding principles

LOVE: We believe in treating our neighbor with love, especially in times of need. We often talk about compassion but are our actions truly rooted in love? We believe in leading with love and know that true help starts there. We strive to value each individual and their greatness within.

AUTHORITY: Parents have the primary responsibility to make decisions for their family and keep children safe. The family home is a place that should be led by parents who create a space where children can grow. We honor the family perspective and believe different doesn't mean wrong. The right to rear children belongs to parents and should always remain there in a safe home.

JUSTICE: Respect, integrity and fairness are essential in doing what is right for families. What families do not have in common makes us unique and special. We must utilize individual, equitable and thoughtful approaches to help us from causing unnecessary harm. Our opinions should never be a substitution for fact and our ignorance should inspire us to learn.

UNITY: Working together to support families will benefit our entire society. We are stronger together and sharing the burden lightens the load. The family helps produce strong individuals who contribute to communities. If we all help strengthen our families, our children will grow to do the amazing things they are destined for.

how we work

We are here to listen and learn how we can help. Your voice is extremely important and key to action for our community and for your family. Families who are facing child removal, we can walk with you through your situation, explain child safety and related practices, and help you advocate for your family.


We can connect you to community organizations in your area that have dedicated themselves to supporting families. Our team has many years of experience working in child safety in Arizona. We are committed to walking alongside you on the path you lead for your family.

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