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Sneakers for Families

PHOENIX - On February 20, 2023, Our Sister Our Brother (OSB) had the privilege of collaborating with Adidas and the Maricopa County Public Health Department to host an incredible event for the community. We were able to hand out free shoes, backpacks, and COVID-related information to over 100 community members in attendance.

These individuals came from families who were identified by different members of the community as those in need of a little extra support and help. Parents and children alike were excited to explore the Adidas store, which had been closed exclusively for the event. They enjoyed the opportunity to select the perfect shoes for themselves and their little ones, and we were filled with joy to see their smiles as they left with their new footwear. It was a wonderful experience to provide these basic necessities to families in need, and we're grateful for the chance to spread a little happiness in our community. Our Sister Our Brother believes that supporting communities is crucial to their success and to the well-being of society as a whole.

Strong communities have been shown to be more resilient in times of crisis, to have lower rates of crime and violence, and to experience better health outcomes. By providing support to those in need, we can create stronger, more resilient communities that are better equipped to face the challenges of the future. Prevention efforts can take many forms, from more familiar approaches like parenting classes and behavioral health services, to innovative strategies like providing tangible goods and services directly to communities in need. By providing this, we can address the root causes of child welfare involvement and promote better outcomes for children and families. These efforts are a critical component to keeping child protection services out of communities, particularly communities of color, which are disproportionately impacted by child welfare involvement.

By providing education and support to families, we can help to prevent issues from escalating to the point where the Department of Child Safety becomes involved. This is particularly important for communities of color, where inequalities can make it more difficult for families to access the resources they need to thrive. By focusing on prevention, we can work to break the cycle of trauma and ensure that families have the support they need to stay together and remain healthy.

We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Adidas and the Maricopa County Public Health Department on this event and for the chance to serve our community. Our Sister Our Brother is committed to exploring all possible avenues to ensure that children and families have the resources they need to thrive. We will continue to work towards supporting families and communities in need and promoting preventive services to help keep families together but we cannot do this work alone. If you are able to support our efforts, please purchase a shirt today.

Check out additional pictures from the event below!

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