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OSB attends the Urban Experience Conference

PHOENIX -- The February 18, 2023 Urban Experience Conference was a great success, providing a safe and supportive platform for African American and Hispanic youth, young adults, parents, and supporters to come together and discuss issues that are important to them. Our Sister Our Brother (OSB) was proud to be a part of this event and contribute to the conference's mission of empowerment through education and tangible tools.

From left to right - Akilah Stewart, Addison Anderson, Tyra Smith & Camille Sledge.

As an organization committed to connection to preventative services and supporting the community through education, OSB participated in the conference by conducting a workshop on the 5 protective factors framework. To make the presentation more engaging and accessible to the audience, our lived experience experts created scenarios and role-playing activities to demonstrate how the 5 factors work in real-life situations. Through these interactive activities, we highlighted the significance of each protective factor in promoting positive well-being and healthy development in families, communities, and societies.

"This weekends workshop at the Urban Youth Conference was important for the LEE's to reach the community on a much more intimate level. The LEE's were able to share their experience, present the data and engage the audience in real time. For the LEE's the platform to utilize their experiences and educate a community; puts all that they have been through and still recovering from into positive energy. They know knowledge is power and that is what they aim to provide. " - Akilah Stewart (Director/CEO)

We presented scenarios and role-playing activities to illustrate the importance of the 5 protective factors. These included managing stress and functioning well during challenges (Parental resilience), having positive relationships for emotional support (Social connections), understanding child development and parenting strategies (Knowledge of parenting and child development), having access to concrete support services (Concrete support in times of need), and helping children develop social and emotional skills (Social and emotional competence of children).
"I wanted to be able to spread the knowledge that I wish someone had given me, before my family was investigated. The parents I know would move mountains for their children. I can’t imagine how many of those same types of loving parents have been targeted and wrongfully separated from their children. This workshop is necessary for prevention. " - Camille Sledge, Lived Experience Expert

Through these engaging scenarios and role-playing activities, our lived experience experts were able to effectively explain the 5 protective factors framework to the audience in an easy and accessible way. Overall, our workshop was a huge success, enabling the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the protective factors and how they contribute to healthy outcomes for children and families. At OSB, we remain committed to promoting healthy outcomes and ending child maltreatment through prevention, education and support.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 5 Protective Factors Framework click here.

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