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In Phoenix area, 2 out of 5 kids risk a DCS call. It's worse for Black and Native kids

PHOENIX - Children in Maricopa County have the greatest risk among the 20 largest metro areas of being sent into foster care, as well as seeing their parents' legal rights terminated, a national study has concluded.

For Black and Native American children, the risk is nearly double when measured against the risk for all children in the greater Phoenix area: About one in six face the prospect of being put in foster care, according to the study, published earlier this year by the National Academy of Sciences.

Community-driven solution

Stewart said he's trying to pull together a support network that has an understanding of the historic trauma and discrimination faced by the Black community. Many of the services DCS requires parents to take are cookie cutter, he complained, and don't recognize the cultural needs of Black families.

See the full article by Mary Jo Pitzl here:

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